April 28, 2009

Install ubuntu inside windows

Mr. A:-Do you know the ubuntu is such a wonderfull linux distribution!!
Mr. B:-Yes i know but i am not able to install it.I don't know a fucking think about these partitions.What the hell is this swap and root!!!!
Mr. A:-But i have ubuntu installed at my system.
Mr. B:-What are you talking about? How it is possible?You don't know a thing about Linux operating system.How you managed the partition thing?
Mr. A:-I don't have to.
Mr. B:-What??Are you gone out of your mind!!!
Mr. A:-Not really but i installed it, just like i did with other windows softwares.
Mr. B:-You can't be serious.How someone can install the ubuntu as a software in windows machine!!!

Yes this can also happen with you!!!
Now the most user friendly operating system becames more and more userfriendly.And you can install Ubuntu inside your windows machine just like a other software.

Want's to know how?
Go to http://wubi-installer.org/ and download the lattest version.
Now run this 1.3 Mb setup and make some choices like the drive in which you want to install or how much space you want to give to ubuntu(same windows thing),this is all you have to do.

Restart your system when installer prompt to.
When you reboot your system you get the option of ubuntu with your windows operating system.Go to the ubuntu option and it will automatically install ubuntu in your harddrive.
When you boot back in your windows system you can find the ubuntu folder in your drive(choosed at the time of installation).In ubuntu you can see the content of your drive at /host folder.
And when you want to uninstall it go to your control panel and unistalled it like the other softwares.

For more info and help on Wubi-installer visit http://wubi-installer.org/ and you can ask your query at ubuntuforums.org

Cheers to ubuntu.

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