April 27, 2009

Small step to a new life...

Time:-27 Apr. 0118 Hours
Circumstances:- Semester Exam at 27 Apr 1400 Hours and Rajasthan Royal lost another match(ya..ya i am a big fan of RR)
Post Body:-I am waiting for this moment for last three years..It's a big time for me..why big??? areee i finally started my blog...hurrrrrrrreee
I got inspiration from Dada(our story taller).He was telling me(i think some months back) that if you start then only you can achieve a thing or two.
So I am starting this blog...........


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  2. welcome to the world of blogging dear...

  3. well said bro... now i'll also post in my blog ..which one was created long ago but even the about me is not yet completed..