April 27, 2009

Ubuntu 9.04 Vlc problem

In ubuntu 9.04 Vlc opens in two separate Windows one for the video and other for the control.To resolve this problem this is the Layman's guide to installing VLC pre-release 1.0.0. There are a lot of steps but they are easy, and I was trying to break it down remedially. But I am not trying to be condescending.

Also make sure you have the current crummy version 0.9.9 uninstalled before proceeding.

Here is what I did:

1. In Ubuntu goto: System > Administration > Software Sources

2. On the top select the Third Party Software tab

3. Click this weblink: https://launchpad.net/~kow/+archive/ppa

4. Near the top-left corner (or from here copy):

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kow/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main

5. Back in Third Party Software click add

6. Paste that copied line into the field box and press Add Source

IMPORTANT!! Make sure that you copy the WHOLE ENTIRE line and not just the glowing URL portion

7. Copy the second line from the webpage:

deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/kow/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main

8. Repeat steps 5 & 6 for this one as well

9. Minimize but DON'T CLOSE everything; Now go to your Desktop

10. Right-click on anywhere on your desktop and select: Create Document > Empty File and name it something you will remember, like KEYFILE.

11. Open the KEYFILE

12. Back on the webpage click the highlighted portion of:

This repository is signed with 1024R/2F021AC1

13. On this new webpage click on the higlighted portion of: 1024R/2F021AC1

Now you see a whole bunch of "Hieroglyphics"

14. Copy everything that is NOT at the top of the page, bold, and oversized. In other words, copy ONLY this:

Version: SKS 1.0.10

nUVHNuL9955evX+0vuL4iqeUUBh7Ufan3BRPv0ryzLtDAZYfxb 4F0Jya/XoMgYA6mxNFshvt
GsEAWQP/QTthVWFM+7AhMY7r8mkMEXmbnRR97boIL8glQX5QKzKHpcCvd6 kOqVcYsBz6eAMr
yBjRosVw4f01q9pvqvoAqX3UVgCBaaNG+N0uK5JmKAK+4c6fWG rm1ODZitvKdN60AnkazDaU

15. Paste this into your KEYFILE on the desktop. Save & Close. You can also close that weird looking webpage as well.

16. Back in Software Sources, select the Authentication tab

17. Select Import Key File

18. Now browse the KEYFILE you made on the desktop and select OK.

There should now be a third Item there stating something like "Launchpad PPA for Kow"

19. Click Close, and when a new box pops up, click Reload and wait for Ubuntu to do its thing and it will close automatically.

20. Now go back to Add/Remove Applications and try re-adding VLC. You can now delete the KEYFILE as well.

You should now have a "pre-release" version of VLC 1.0.0

Test it out with an AVI file or DVD. Also you can select Help and About and it should say something like: 1.0.0-pre1 Goldeneye

I noticed the video's in Fullscreen mode tend to "chop" when I move my mouse while its playing the movie. But its a Alpha/Beta version of VLC and are still working the bugs. But I can happily live with it because that lousy Separated screen is gone!!


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