April 27, 2009

ubuntu 9.04

New ubuntu version is out.Yes this is ubuntu 9.04.And as always this release is also awesome.

But do you know why ubuntu 9.04 just after 8.10,wHY??
Let's go deep in this naming convention used by ubuntu community..
Here the number before decimal point signifies the year of release,like 8 for 2008 in ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10.
And the number after the decimal is the month in which the new version is released,like 04 for April and 10 for October.
And one more thing i want to mention here is that, ubuntu release it's new version in each six months.
So now i think you get it why 9.04 just after 8.10(9 for 2009 and 04 for April).

Now back to ubuntu 9.04
Code Name:-Jaunty Jackalope

areee first feisty fawn then gutsy gibbon,then Hardy heron,then Intrepid Ibex and now Jaunty Jackalope,Is there any relation or any sequence is used for the codenames of ubuntu versions?

Yes you are right,they are in Alphabatic order and the new release which is 9.10(in October),has the codename karmic koala.

So i am where???
Oh at the ubuntu 9.04...
So this new version have some much awaited changes.These changes are:-
1.Introduction of send to option for send data to the removable drives.
This send to option is a must need for ubuntu to became operating system for the home users.This option is included as a plugin to nautilus with the other send to options like 'send as Bluetooth' or as a email.
To include this option they use a '.so' file which is present at /usr/lib/nautilus-sendto/plugins.

2.Mulltiple Language support with gedit
The text editor gedit has now support for many languages including php,asp,c,c++,c#,css,ada.

3.More drivers so more computers
Ubuntu 9.04 is released with lots of new drivers like the driver for the broadcom wifi card,atheros wifi card.So now more and more user can use it and it works out of the box.

4. Ext4 by default
You can chose the ext4 file system.
1. Speedup file removing
2. Better and faster allocator
3. Bigger max file size
4. Precision timestamps
5. Bigger max number of folder inclusion
6. Faster indexation
7. Faster checking
8. Re-allocation for better video recording, torrent downloading etc.


5.Open office 3.0
So now with open office version 3.0 you can open the document saved with MS office 2007 in docx format.

6.Fast boot
Now ubuntu boots in just 21.4 sec(with ext4fs).

And the same support and help from ubuntu community.... :o)

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