April 27, 2009

wanna make website but dont know how???

Basic:-For a website there are some of the basic things needed
1.Web server example:-Apache,Tomcat,IIS(Internet Information services).
2.Database server example:-MySQL.
3.Client side language example:-HTML.
4.Server Side language example:-php(Hypertext preprocessors),Asp(Active server pages),Jsp(java server pages).

1.Web server:-Web server is the software on which the server side language runs.When we type a url(uniform resource locator), web server sends us the replay.Each web server can run only a specific server side language.For example Apache can run php,and Tomcat can run Jsp.

2.Database server:-Database server is used to store the information's like the user name and passwords,sales information in a online shopping website.Popular database servers are Oracle,Mysql(SUN Microsystem),SqlServer(MS) and DB2(IBM).But for web development Mysql is generally used,because it is light wait and can be integrated with any of the server side language.

3.Client Side Language:-Client side language runs on the client and does not talk to the web server.Example:-HTML(Hyper text markup language).

4.Server Side Languages:-For making the page dynamic and to connect the page with database we use the server side scripting language.Example:-php(open source),ASP(MS),JSP(Sun Microsystem).

Now we have basic knowledge about the terms used in the web development.
We start with our first site.
Requirements:-Web server but for the web server choice first of all we have to choose scripting language and because the php is a open source language and easy to learn we choice php as the scripting language.As Data base server we choose Mysql.

Now you are just step behind your first website:-

1.Installing web server,Data base server and server side language for our site and after installation we have to configure them so that they can work with each other.To make it simple we install preconfigured LAMP(Linux,Apache,Mysql,PHP) software.For this software go to http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html and download xampp and install it to your hard disk.So now we have a web server,a data base server and php on our system.Go to browser and write localhost or to check that web server is running.If it shows some thing like XAMPP in big latter then we are set to make our site.

2.Open text editor(Notepad or gedit) write
and save it as something like firstpage.php(select file type "all files" in notepad).Now go to your browser and type localhost/firstpage.php
And it will show you Hello world.

3.Everything is working and up.Now go to www.w3schools.com to learn HTML,CSS(cascaded style sheets),JavaScript php,Mysql and go to php.net to learn more about php.You can also download php manual from php.net.

4.After learning you can make whatever you want you can even use photoshop and flash for eye candy websites.

Learning resources:-

Happy coding.

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