May 02, 2009


RFID:-Radio frequency identification
RFID is a product,person tracking system,which uses the radio frequency for tracking.The tracking chip is called RFID tag.These tags are applied to or incorporated to the target which is to identify.
RFID is of two types:-
1.Passive RFID:-In passive RFID the tag does not have the battery with it and depends on other system for radio wave transmission.
2.Active RFID:-Active RFID have the battery with it for the radio wave transmission.

RFID tags consist of two parts:-
1.Integrated Chip for storing and processing the information and demodulation of radio signals.
2.Antenna for transmission of the radio waves.

RFID chips can be highly miniaturised,in 2009 researchers at Bristol University successfully glued RFID with live ant.
Smallest RFID:-150X150X7.5 microns(Hitachi)(can store 38 digit number)
Race Timing:-RFID tags can be used to calculate the total time in races.RFID tags are used in various Physical endurance test(PET) by Indian railway and the police.
Passports:-RFID is used in the passports in countries like Norway,Ireland,USA,UK,Japan.
Product Tracking:-RFID tags can be used for the tracking of products and can be used to stop the theft of the products.
Library:-In libraries we can use the RFID in place of the Barcodes.

Replacement of Barcode:-RFID is a potential replacement of the barcodes because RFID tag data capability is large enough that each individual tag will have a unique code,while in barcode we have the same code for the same type of product.With the unique code for each product we can monitor each of them.

Problem and concerns:-
Global Standardization
Security Concern
Passport security like breaking of the encryption used in the passport.

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