June 27, 2009


According to Hindustan Times:-

JP Dutta’s assistant Surender Suri is directing a film titled "Ganatantra",which is based on the Varun Gandhi’s infamous hate speech and journalist Soumya Vishwanathan’s murder.Rajan Verma, who essayed the role of Kasab in Total Ten, a film on the 26/11 terror attacks, is now playing Varun Gandhi. The film will depict a love story between the characters played by Varun and Soumya.

Stay Hungary Stay Foolish

Yesterday i finished "Stay Hungary Stay Foolish" by Rashmi Bansal.This book covers 25 IIMA grads who chose a different path in there life and became entrepreneur.This book have the stories of birth of various Internet field firms like naukri.com and makemytrip.com,various Financial field firms like Edelweiss Capital,pharma field firms like Orchid pharma and even the off color once like Shree Ranuka Sugars.
The Author is also also from IIMA and the book is written with the help of CIIE(Center for innovation and entrepreneurship) at IIMA and funded by Wadhwani Fundation.
Following are some of the lines i liked most in the book:-----

/*Being an entrepreneur is the art and science of creating values.*/

/*To drive towards your goal,you are working on a path.But that path is not 100% right.You are correcting yourself by learning,by experience,and making these correction and moving forward on the system and coming out a winner....The sheer value of learning,everyday,is what keeps you going. */

/* In every business,the more you know about the grassroots,the better. */

/* If you believe in a product,never give it up.You will succeed.It may take time,it will cost money.*/

/* There is potential in every business.Like a school is not profitable in terms of money,but it's profitable in terms of developing character. There,the profit is different,developing human potential.So the word 'profit' I use,but not necessary in terms of rupees. */

/*...Always differentiate between a plan and an aspiration.There is always a short term plan,but there are always long term aspiration. */

/*You always run a risk,it's a game of probabilities.You have to be sporting...however good you are,you may get out for a duck.*/

/*One has to have a creative streak if one needs to be an entrepreneur.A strong desire to want to create something and to make that happen.*/

About Book:----
This book is motivating in nature but the language used are not very attractive and is ambiguous at some places.
But most read for a MBA aspirant.

June 03, 2009


Bing the new Search engine form operating system giant Microsoft is now live.