October 12, 2009

Jai Ho

Oct 5,12:53AM
I just completed the movie Freedom writers. And in between the movie lots of thoughts are bubbling inside my mind,and I feel after the movie that I must write something about this movie.
This movie is based on racism in USA. It shows that how the blacks hates the whites, Asian dislikes the persons from the gulf countries. It is a story of high school kids and their classroom and their teacher. Classroom full of different races,whites,blacks,Asians, all of them. They hate each other,they fight each other.
Why ????
Because they are different or because they have different looks like color and all that stuff......

No this is not the reason of there hater, the reason is their thoughts …..and the thoughts are developed because of their knowledge....once they started learning things they are all together different persons.

Why the story of this movie make a big effect on my mind??
The answer is because this is the same story happening in each part of the world,even in my own country India. Here Hindus hates Muslims,Muslims hates Hindus,south Indians hates north Indians,city people hates villagers. We have tons of poison in our heart,against whom??? Against our own people,our own brothers and sisters.
But WHY?????
Why the fuck we hate our own family???
India is famous for it's “World is a Home” Spirit. Nowadays we guys are fucking this spirit. Who the hale is this “Raj Thakere” ??? How can he say that North Indians are not accepted in Mumbai???
“Uske baap ki hai Mumbai”?????
We are the Indians and we can live where ever in India as we want. And no fucking politician can stop us to do this.


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