December 07, 2009

It's Media effect

Tiger Woods scandal(car accident+fight with wife bcz she got to know that, he used to
had sex with lot's of girls,even a waitress) effected lives of :-
Tiger Woods
His Wife
His Children
And John Gribbin.

Now u wanna know  who is this "John Gribbin" guy.
He is author of "Get a Grip on Physics".
And how he got benifited from Tiger Woods drama.

Whole scene is the TV cameras captured "Get a Grip on Physics" lying on the floor of his bashed up car.This incidental role in Woods's domestic drama has been enough to create a rush to get hold of the book, with the title's sales rank on jumping from 396,224 earlier in the week to a high spotted yesterday by the Wall Street Journal of 2,268.


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  1. wow.... that was nice... interesting for sure....