December 19, 2009

Mz. Clause

My Best friend Taneesha wrote a poem the other day in English class....Then she sent it to me, So I thought I would share it.

"Naughty Mz. Clause
Has a job to do
She comes down your chimney
Her whip in hand.
Her outfit is arousing
And here in your house she is looking.
She comes into his bedroom
And hand cuffs him to the bed
She stands over him and says
“ What do you want for Christmas?’
He lays, wide eyed, on his bed
And of course he says “you!”.
After Mz. Clause is done
She leaves him happy.
He will always remember that night
When ms clause gave him a visit
To this naughty little boy!!

By Taneesha T.


  1. nice... very nice... who is this Taneesha T.

  2. Taneesha T. is my best friend. :)