December 24, 2009

R.I.P To The Officers Who Give Their Life For Our Safety

Once again there has been another shooting in my neighborhood. There has been 3 shootings in the last 2 months. 5 dead police officers, and 3 badly injured...

The first shooting, 1 officer, and 1 trainee were discussing a routine traffic stop, and they were parked in the residential part of Seattle, When all of a sudden their car was struck by several gunshots. The officer was killed instantly, and the trainee was hit in her back.She was able to fire a couple shots. She is now doing fine. This was the first intentional homicide since 1994.

The second shooting involved 4 Tacoma police officers. They were sitting in a coffee shop, when a man walked in and open fired. 3 officers were killed instantly. 1 officer was able to fire back before he died.

The third shooting happened about 2 days ago. There was a domestic dispute called into the police station, So 2 deputies went out to help. When they got there, everybody was cooperating, and the officers were invited into the home, Everything was fine. The drunk man even agreed to leave the premises. He went up stairs to grab his jacket, when he came back down, he had a gun and he open fired. Both officers were hit, and one officer shot back and killed the man. Then the 16 year old daughter, and the brother of the man, grabbed the officers, pulled them into another room, and proceeded to give the officers medical attention until the ambulance got there. "They went out of their way to help them." says another office who arrived later. The girl and brother might have saved these men's lives. If it weren't for them. these men might not be here now. They are in critical condition, but should survive..

But some of these officers were friends of mine, and my family's. They just got shot for no reason at all. Now policemen are going to have to worry about getting their coffee in the morning, because they never know who might shoot them.

R.I.P. They are great people willing to give their lives for the safety of the rest of us. That is a true hero..

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