December 07, 2009

I was just reading blog written by Mr. Pritish Nandy who is a famous film maker,politician and poet. He some time back wrote a post on blocking of which is a porn site.
He wrote
" know why I love Savita Bhabhi. She's Indian. She's sexy and she wears a sari.

By banning her site, the I&B Ministry has demonstrated (yet again) how men want to control women all the time. What is Savita Bhabhi's greatest appeal? That she is a typical Bharatiya nari who is brave enough to demonstrate that when it comes to sex she's no pushover. I have known many women like her who pretend to succumb to the sexual politics that men incessantly play around them and yet manage to get their way by cleverly manipulating the XXL male ego. So even as they play coy and  subjugated, they are actually free women who live their lives on their own terms. I admire such women and worship on their altar.

No wonder Savita Bhabhi for me is iconic. She's the woman who can take all her sexual decisions on her own without fretting over them......"

And i just want to say on this topic to him....
"Mr. Nandy i m not fully agree  with you.Woman liberation is other part and the blocking of a porn site is another.Which woman do you characterize as savita bhabhi in your home or your work place?Savita bhabhi is not a part of our culture.She was just created to cater few internet users."

1 comment:

  1. I'd like to take a third viewpoint on this. Mr. Nandy may be right about the women liberation and their sexual openness. However, it also has no relevance in deciding whether the site should be blocked or not.

    However, i truely believe that it was not hardcore porn and the I&B Ministry needs to focus their attention to other issues more serious, such as Piracy and identity theft as well as the hardcore porn industries' publications. there are a large number of soft porn magazines available on the railway platforms, why not clean them up. opened up a new popular indian porn style, let the government just ignore it and continue with something that would benefit the country more.

    live and let live.