December 17, 2009

What does it matter?

I was just reading about a 4-year-old, who got kicked out of school, because his hair was to long. The school officals said that his hair is considered a distraction, and he can't come back until his hair is above his ears. But why does the length of his hair matter??? I mean girls have the same length and longer hair, They don't get in trouble for the length of their hair.... So why can't he have his hair the way he wants? It's no different than a girl having long hair.


  1. i have been saying this thing for such a long time... why can't boys... esp me.... keep long hair... why do everybody around scream foul as soon as a guy keeps long hair??

  2. I agree.. It shouldn't matter to other people..It's your own head. You should be able to have your hair however you want.