December 08, 2010

The Wind

The wind comes and set me free,
Showing me what I can truely be.
Whispering secrets in my ear,
Soft enough where only I can hear.
It tells the truth, it always has,
It hints your future and reminds you of the past.
It touches your face with a soft brush,
Telling you quietly for you to hush.
So listen carefully next time it's here,
Because it's God whispering in your ear.

November 25, 2010


A broken heart,
A broken dream,
A daughter's pain,
A mother's scream,
A bathroom sink,
A razor blade,
A teenage heartache,
A deep cut made.

August 16, 2010

We must love someone

We must love someone,
if we are to justify
our presence on this earth.
We must keep loving all our days,
someone, anyone, anywhere
outside our selves.
For even the Sarus crane
will grieve over its lost companion,
and the Seal its mate.

Somewhere in life
there must be someone
to take your hand
and share the torrid day.
Without the touch of love
There is no life, and we must fade away.

 Ruskin Bond

May 15, 2010

May 02, 2010

April 06, 2010

You should feel safe around doctors RIGHT???

Excuse my language... but one of the doctors at the nearest to my house, is a total asshole. The other night, my grandma had to go to the hospital. And she's got really bad Alzheimers disease.. In other words.. She got the mind of about a 6 year old. And she can't remember much at all.

But anyway... She had to go to the hospital a few days ago. and Because of her mind frame, when she got there, she was scared, didn't know where she was. She was crying and she wanted to go home. She started freaking out when the doctor came in. And they made my aunt leave the room, which that was the last little bit of comfort my grandma had with her. So then the doctor's wanted to give her a sedative...but my grandma like i said, was scared, and crying... So they tried getting her to turn over...but she didn't want to. So the doctor GRABBED her and totally flipped her over... and she's so FRAGILE, she's old..and she bruises soooo easily.. doctor's CANNOT treat people like that... It's just not fucking right.

March 22, 2010

Birthday girl!

The other day it was my birthday, and well my parents were sick..and I'm just fortunate enough to have a best friend that loves me. And She took me away for the day... :D

First off, we went shopping and my best friend got her hair dyed.. Then after that we went to her nephew's basketball game, Which was awesome.. They are about 7 years old.. It's so much fun to watch little kids. And after the basket ball game, I spent the rest of the day with her family... Oh boy.... Let me tell ya... When you're around them... You have to be on FULL alert...

After the basketball game we went to lunch.. There was about 9-10 of us. (Me, My best friend, her sister, her sister's husband, my best frd's mom....and 3 little kids... yeah you get the point.) Well I didn't realize it.. but her sister told one of the waitresses it was my B-day...and After we got done eating, A bunch of waiters and waitresses came out. One waiter hooked a couple balloons off my head...and then on of the waitresses yelled out to the rest of the people in the restaurant "EVERYBODY!! OUR FRIEND KATIE IS TURNING 15 TODAY!!!!" then about that time...everybody turned and they started singing... "HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!" and so on.. I was red in the face :P haha i was so surprised..

Then after that, we went to a Bar-B-Que at my best friend's Aunt's house.. It was fun, I got to meet most of her family... Then they took me home after dark..

I got home... and my sister, Kerrie, was acting really weird.. And then she told me to go put my jacket away.. So I walked in my room, and on my bed was a pile of gifts.. I was really surprised...

I feel spoiled... my parents spent waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than they should have on me... It was one of the best Birthdays :D

March 18, 2010

Car nut

So I know it's kind of weird.. but I'm a total car nut.. I love being out in the shop with my dad working on cars. Besides getting to spend time with my dad (Who is awesome) I get to work on cars with him. Right now my dad and I have so many different projects going on. We have about 3 different cars, a race car, AND a plane that we are building... and 2 of those cars are mine.. Well one car, and the race car are mine.

I'm excited!! Race season starts up on April 3rd!! To bad, I can't race this year... For one thing.. my race car isn't finished..and another thing.. I can't race till I'm 16 :( But that's okay... I guess... My dad can race... I'll be his pit crew! :D

Okay.. I'm done rambling about cars... I think... :)

March 12, 2010

It burns!!!

My mom tricked me.....

Earlier today we got home, and I wanted a snack, So I went to the fridge and grabbed a Green Bell Pepper... Or that's what I thought it was, And I asked my mom if it was a bell pepper, and she said yeah. So.... I took a big bite....well it turned out to be a spicy was REALLY hot... I started freaking out, cus my mouth was on fire, and my mom is standing there laughing..

I ended up drinking about 4 glasses of milk (Milk is supossed to coat your throat, and take away the burning... yeah well it DIDN'T!!) So then my mom told me to take a bite of peanut butter (Ewww!!) But I did anyway...and it didn't help at all... Just made my mouth gooey :( Then I tried water...but it just spread the burn around.... So finally when my eyes were tearing up, my nose was burning, my lips were burning, and my mouth was on fire.... my mom told me to try some salt, and it FINALLY took the burn least enough to where it wasn't TERRIBLE anymore...

So then I went back to what I was doing.... everything was fine...and about 30 min. after I ate the pepper, I rubbed my eyes..... BAD IDEA!!!!! My eyes started tearing up all over again!! :'(

Yeah...then after that... well.... I made sure not to touch my face again.... :)

March 10, 2010

My drawing.....

I don't usually show my drawings... ESPECIALLY my drawings of people... because they never turn out very well.... But I liked how this one looked.....

February 28, 2010

Homeschool disease

So I don't go to public school like everyone else, I do online schooling. My friends give me such crap about it. They are always bugging me about it. Saying that I don't have to do anything, my schooling is a piece of cake. This is an exact quote from one of my friends "Dude, your school is so easy, you could go shopping, Okay... This pair of jeans plus this pair of jeans equals CUTE!!" (Intelligent right??) I can be talking to someone, even a full grown adult, and they ask me where I go to school, and I explain... It's amazing how different they treat me. It's like I have a disease, The disease of stupid or something.

What people don't realize is, sure they think it's easy, you know, don't have to do anything because there's no teachers...But there are still requirements we have to meet, we have to pass, we have to do everything like normal, we just don't have to sit in classes for HOURS.... People should really learn to know what they are talking about before they make judgments.. Even colleges are looking more at the homeschool students because we are smarter (Not trying to sound like I'm all that, because I'm not.) But it's the truth. We have more one-on-one time, So we learn more.

But people don't think of it that way.. Most of the time, they hear that you're homeschooled, and they start talking to you different... Like you're retarded and can't understand them if they talk normal... I try not to let it get to me...but sometimes... I just can't take it anymore...

So please.. If you're going to judge somebody or how they do something...make sure you know what you're talking about, and you have all your facts right, BEFORE you judge....

February 21, 2010

February 16, 2010

According to Tantra, the source of human energy lies in your private parts. Here's is one simple demonstration...

January 28, 2010

Ironic isn't it?

"A DJ in England grants a listener's request, he plays Van Halen's "Jump" as a woman leaps from a 30 foot bridge...

Relax, she only suffered minor injuries, And in the DJ's defense, he immediately played another Van Halen Classic "Somebody Get Me a Doctor."


January 22, 2010

Gold dredging & Self esteem issues

People believe that gold dredging is bad for the fish in the rivers. (Gold dredging is like an underwater vaccum, that sucks up clean gravel, and puts the clean gravel right back in the creek.) A group of people have been trying to get dredging shut down in California for a long time. and for a few months it look as though they were going to get their wish, but now things are looking up for the miners.

The group of people who think dredging is bad believes that dredges harm the fish, they cover up the fish eggs, they pollute the waters. But a dredge does NONE of that..

And now that the miners see that they might have a chance.. They have become smart asses (Which is actually very funny) by saying that "Everyone knows that dredging churns up new food for fish . Now they will get overweight , develop blood pressure and circulation problems , become susceptable to heart and diabetic disease not to mention low self esteem."

I didn't realize fish had self esteem issues....LMAO

January 21, 2010

Mac Attack

Okay, The other day I was reading an article in a magazine...and I came to this article and I couldn't help but laugh.

If Santa delivers a new computer to your house, take extra care when you set it up. Every year, over 6,000 people end up in the ER because of broken toes from dropped laptops, bashed knees from tripping over cords, or other computer-related injuries. "You wouldn't believe how many people get hurt because they trip over something while carrying a computer," says researcher Lara B Mckenzie.

You just kinda have to laugh...over 6,000..Wow..just Wow....