January 22, 2010

Gold dredging & Self esteem issues

People believe that gold dredging is bad for the fish in the rivers. (Gold dredging is like an underwater vaccum, that sucks up clean gravel, and puts the clean gravel right back in the creek.) A group of people have been trying to get dredging shut down in California for a long time. and for a few months it look as though they were going to get their wish, but now things are looking up for the miners.

The group of people who think dredging is bad believes that dredges harm the fish, they cover up the fish eggs, they pollute the waters. But a dredge does NONE of that..

And now that the miners see that they might have a chance.. They have become smart asses (Which is actually very funny) by saying that "Everyone knows that dredging churns up new food for fish . Now they will get overweight , develop blood pressure and circulation problems , become susceptable to heart and diabetic disease not to mention low self esteem."

I didn't realize fish had self esteem issues....LMAO

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