February 28, 2010

Homeschool disease

So I don't go to public school like everyone else, I do online schooling. My friends give me such crap about it. They are always bugging me about it. Saying that I don't have to do anything, my schooling is a piece of cake. This is an exact quote from one of my friends "Dude, your school is so easy, you could go shopping, Okay... This pair of jeans plus this pair of jeans equals CUTE!!" (Intelligent right??) I can be talking to someone, even a full grown adult, and they ask me where I go to school, and I explain... It's amazing how different they treat me. It's like I have a disease, The disease of stupid or something.

What people don't realize is, sure they think it's easy, you know, don't have to do anything because there's no teachers...But there are still requirements we have to meet, we have to pass, we have to do everything like normal, we just don't have to sit in classes for HOURS.... People should really learn to know what they are talking about before they make judgments.. Even colleges are looking more at the homeschool students because we are smarter (Not trying to sound like I'm all that, because I'm not.) But it's the truth. We have more one-on-one time, So we learn more.

But people don't think of it that way.. Most of the time, they hear that you're homeschooled, and they start talking to you different... Like you're retarded and can't understand them if they talk normal... I try not to let it get to me...but sometimes... I just can't take it anymore...

So please.. If you're going to judge somebody or how they do something...make sure you know what you're talking about, and you have all your facts right, BEFORE you judge....

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  1. katie on fire :).I don't know about home schooled students...but u are a sharp one.and the home schooled students must not be treated differently by anyone.