March 22, 2010

Birthday girl!

The other day it was my birthday, and well my parents were sick..and I'm just fortunate enough to have a best friend that loves me. And She took me away for the day... :D

First off, we went shopping and my best friend got her hair dyed.. Then after that we went to her nephew's basketball game, Which was awesome.. They are about 7 years old.. It's so much fun to watch little kids. And after the basket ball game, I spent the rest of the day with her family... Oh boy.... Let me tell ya... When you're around them... You have to be on FULL alert...

After the basketball game we went to lunch.. There was about 9-10 of us. (Me, My best friend, her sister, her sister's husband, my best frd's mom....and 3 little kids... yeah you get the point.) Well I didn't realize it.. but her sister told one of the waitresses it was my B-day...and After we got done eating, A bunch of waiters and waitresses came out. One waiter hooked a couple balloons off my head...and then on of the waitresses yelled out to the rest of the people in the restaurant "EVERYBODY!! OUR FRIEND KATIE IS TURNING 15 TODAY!!!!" then about that time...everybody turned and they started singing... "HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!" and so on.. I was red in the face :P haha i was so surprised..

Then after that, we went to a Bar-B-Que at my best friend's Aunt's house.. It was fun, I got to meet most of her family... Then they took me home after dark..

I got home... and my sister, Kerrie, was acting really weird.. And then she told me to go put my jacket away.. So I walked in my room, and on my bed was a pile of gifts.. I was really surprised...

I feel spoiled... my parents spent waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than they should have on me... It was one of the best Birthdays :D

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