March 18, 2010

Car nut

So I know it's kind of weird.. but I'm a total car nut.. I love being out in the shop with my dad working on cars. Besides getting to spend time with my dad (Who is awesome) I get to work on cars with him. Right now my dad and I have so many different projects going on. We have about 3 different cars, a race car, AND a plane that we are building... and 2 of those cars are mine.. Well one car, and the race car are mine.

I'm excited!! Race season starts up on April 3rd!! To bad, I can't race this year... For one thing.. my race car isn't finished..and another thing.. I can't race till I'm 16 :( But that's okay... I guess... My dad can race... I'll be his pit crew! :D

Okay.. I'm done rambling about cars... I think... :)

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