April 06, 2010

You should feel safe around doctors RIGHT???

Excuse my language... but one of the doctors at the nearest to my house, is a total asshole. The other night, my grandma had to go to the hospital. And she's got really bad Alzheimers disease.. In other words.. She got the mind of about a 6 year old. And she can't remember much at all.

But anyway... She had to go to the hospital a few days ago. and Because of her mind frame, when she got there, she was scared, didn't know where she was. She was crying and she wanted to go home. She started freaking out when the doctor came in. And they made my aunt leave the room, which that was the last little bit of comfort my grandma had with her. So then the doctor's wanted to give her a sedative...but my grandma like i said, was scared, and crying... So they tried getting her to turn over...but she didn't want to. So the doctor GRABBED her and totally flipped her over... and she's so FRAGILE, she's old..and she bruises soooo easily.. doctor's CANNOT treat people like that... It's just not fucking right.

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