December 15, 2013


It's been a while that i am writing something here, may be it's due to me changing aspirations in life or my lazy will, whatever it's i am back.
Number of things are on my mind…. Kejriwal, Degraded level of journalism and future of our country.
I'll start with Arvind kejriwal, when he started his voyage i thought, "he is a new joker in the circus Anna, a new propaganda played by the opposition group", but as he pulled out a rabbit out of a hat in delhi, he proved me wrong. But i smelled this difference about him a long time ago, as he was against a mountain but still he was not compromising. It's unique about Arvind and that's why he did a miracle in delhi and got a dissent figure of 28/70 in Delhi. As no political party in delhi got majority the real question arises that should AAP as a second largest party, should get support of congress and make  a government. There are two options for AAP now, first AAP stay away from the chair and became true to its pre-poll announcement that it'll not give or take support, second AAP make a change in it's stance and create a government with unconditional support from congress. 
I am in support of the second option where AAP makes a government and congress gives support and thus can't move an non-confidence move in 6 month in which the LS elections are due. Which give AAP enough time to put in place its majors to win the full heart of the people. Even if the congress tries to do it's black magic after 6 months AAP can get full support of the people.

Second, I am also very unhappy with the level of journalism these days. Now a days i am in rajasthan and because my parents are not very found of english, i have to read hindi daily. After reading Hindu, i am very unhappy seeing the level of journalism. This hindi national daily "Dainik bhaskar" talks about "beard of Abraham lincoln" when it can talk about article 377 or the government in delhi. It'll put a news in such a way that it'll make a big HEADLINE even though in truth it's was not worth a single paisa. To prove it, lets take an example of recent Rahul gandhi private jet fiasco at IGI, first no body gives a paisa about Rahul gandhi, second as DGCA said that it was not a security issue; but our beloved journalist made it a first page news with headlines : "Rahul gandhi just saved from Air crash". In one other case(UPSC calendar) this newspaper put up the last date of receiving of application for different exams, as a date of exam. 

Now last and the most important issue is nation's future. This thought arises from the discussion i had with my father. We were discussing about the election in rajasthan and the possible composition of  government in delhi. And as i was happy with the last government in Rasjathan , i was fighting my case against the new government. My father pointed out that as it was a BJP wave, and thus it's appropriate to give votes to BJP candidate. And my point was that as the government is a reflection of people, we should give a vote to a party or rather not to a party and  even definitely not to a party but to a candidate who is a genuine one. Even if we don't know the candidates personally, but his criminal record and his asset can give us a very good estimate of a right choice. By choosing such person we can hope for a good person in government which i hope happened in delhi, as the good governance was the only issue from one of the party there. But this was not the case in rajasthan here the party politics was on high. So where we think we are heading now, same old personality cult, first JLN to Indra and now MODI??
We should stop it now and concentrate on electing a candidate on the decentralise issues, not due to his party. Me learnt it after these elections do WE?


  1. Great reading on your blog.

    I myself ranted on journalism today.

    I love two things about the recent AAP success. People will look towards going against the 'wave', as your dad put it. Secondly, more common people will put up political parties. In some time, politics will not be the abode of the dirty and mighty anymore.

  2. Welcome back to blogging world!!
    I am also happy with AAP routed Congress in Delhi, it at least showed that people are now more active in Politics than before, they now don't just vote anyone blindly.
    So overall its a good sign or we may i say a revolution for our Indian society. Now the onus is on AAP party party to prove himself and fulfil the promises they have done to Delhi people.
    I think the results in other states are in favour of BJP but thats because there was no third alternative (not BJP wave) like Delhi. The problem in other states was that people still mesmerised by the listening some sweet and bold speech from Big leaders, what they should have done that as you said (and also Aamir Khan campaigned about this) that they should scrutinise their candidate properly.
    What happened in Rajasthan was that people think what Modi had done in Gujrat will be replicated by Raje, and they blindly gave vote to BJP without bothering to know about there candidate, that simply wrong. But i believe they will learn about there mistake in coming years.
    Media plays a vital role in our thinking, and am i happy that after AAP party win media which use to be inclined to some big political parties (because of money factor) now covering minnow parties like AAP. I can talk about this too long but may be some other time :) .
    Anyways, overall the election results are positive sign for our Indian society that at least they are out from dormant state. Jai Hind :)