January 16, 2014

Environment Assessment

The latest decision by the MOEF which gives environment clearance to the South Korean steelmaker POSCO and reject the case of vedanta steel at niyamgiri hills, is a controversial decision. It’s right that the new industries are must for the economic development and wealth creation for the poor masses of india but the sustainability of the environment is also of numero uno importance. The grant of the environment clearance to the POSCO without a comprehensive assessment of the all parts of the steel plant including the mines, port, railway line and housing facility which are the integral parts of the project, the assessment seems hollow. The national green tribunal also recommended the central government that the cumulative impact should be considered before providing clearance.

Coal blocks allocation issue

As per the SC directive if the government now scraps all the allocations, it will likely hamper the confidence of the industry in the mining field and in turn jeopardize the dream of higher industrial growth in near feature. The de-allocation will frustrate the genuine mining companies, as lot of money and time is already invested by them and most of the coal blocks are not developed because of the delay in environment clearance by the state and central government. This also effects the banking sector as they also invested huge funds in mining companies. The pragmatic solution to this issue is discovering appropriate price for the block by auction and ask the allottees to pay the same.

January 12, 2014

What's got into the people of india, are they not able to digest the truth? Why everybody is apposing this change? Why everybody is negative about this change? Why everybody is talking about what's going to be the future(James Cameron fans??), what AAP will became in, but not what AAP is doing in the present? Why now the good deeds of modi coming into the picture which were absent during the last MLA elections?

AAP is good or bad but its making and catalysing changes in indian politics and most of the changes are pro people. For example the newly chosen CM of Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje recently announced the measures which are more or less same as AAP's declarations. In them, no red light on public servants vehicles ; no gun men to ministers and simplicity for public servants are few. In Maharashtra the cutting down of electricity bills is the new buzz, which can be seen as an effect of AAP's decisions in New Delhi. Also, all the good governance example of modi(may be they existed before but was unnoticed) are coming out as a reply to the AAP's initiatives.

The history teaches us that people will appose the drastic changes. But the true social changers like Buddha,Gandhi and Nelson Mandela will stay on their path and the history will remember them but the losers who always hates the change.

January 08, 2014

Ethnic struggle doesn't means armed rebillion... If a sri lankan tamil does it on the name of ethnic jutice he is equal culprit as a kashmiri separatist!
We have one of the largest reservoirs of technical personnel but also world's largest number of illiterates; the worlds largest middle class but also largest number of people under poverty line. One half of our society guzzles aerated beverage while the other has to make do with palmfuls of muddied water.


Religion is opium of the masses.

Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet. Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich. -Napoleon Bonaparte


In india the state has an army, in pakistan the army has a state!!

Diversity is india's most vital metaphor!!

He who opens a school door,closes a prison!!

Inside every thinking indian there is a gandhian and a marxist struggling for supremacy.

The fire has never too many logs,
The ocean never too many rivers,
Death never too many souls,
And fair-eyed woman never too many men.

In india you do not cast your vote; you vote your caste!

India has a well established reputation for violating social scientific generalization!!

Mountain rivers are like daughters,you never know how quickly they grow up!!

Granville austin's book on indian costitution talkes about the making of indian constitution as biggest political venture after 1787.

John mill and ambedkar talkes about bhakti in our indian way of life which can be dengerous in politics and other fields.

Indian newborn learn the geography of their country through the history of murder.

Montesquieu:-its almost a general rule that wherever manners are gentle, there is commerce;and wherever there is commerce, manners are gentle!!
About bombay n delhi women degnity!!

One of the most imp lesson we can learn from the history is that sometime history can teach u a wrong lesson.

About god-laplace:I have no need of that hypothesis!!

U can be mad as a mad dog or can curse the god for the fate,but when it comes to the end you have to let it go!!

U never know what is coming for you!!

India is not hindu pakistan!!

If america is a melting pot,then india is a thali, a selection of sumptuous dishes in different bowls.

Boldness in business is the first,second and third thing.

Most members of parliament see the constitution for the first time when they take an oath on it!

Shakespeare and kalidas were both great poets and dramatists....but india could not produce a shakespeare nor similarly england a kalidas. Every country has its own character.

About rani laxmi bai from person who defeated her:Here lay the woman who is the only man in this battle!

I think,therefore i exist!!

Agar fardos ba rue zamin ast!
Hamin ast a hamin ast a hamin ast!!

Honour ur god,love ur woman,defend ur country!

Its so simple to b happy but its too difficult to b simple!

Herodotus:A nation’s history has three stages: success; then as a consequence of success, arrogance and injustice; and then as a consequence of these, downfall. 

  Voltaire About the politicians :They have discovered in their fine polities the art of causing those to die of hunger who, cultivating the earth , give the means of life to others. 

Why not a part of the social change which took place in delhi?

Why i am not a part of this struggle? Even i know the benefits of democratic system still the truth of real working of this system is not hidden from me. Even I, love being a part of the world's largest and most unlikely democracy and i am aware of my responsibility of making this as most efficient. 
Being a part of struggle of this kind and scale is a path of thrones, but being a person with full knowledge and still inactiveness makes it more painful. 
To politically educate people is something feasible for a person like me! Have to take this challenge and act upon this feeling.