January 08, 2014


In india the state has an army, in pakistan the army has a state!!

Diversity is india's most vital metaphor!!

He who opens a school door,closes a prison!!

Inside every thinking indian there is a gandhian and a marxist struggling for supremacy.

The fire has never too many logs,
The ocean never too many rivers,
Death never too many souls,
And fair-eyed woman never too many men.

In india you do not cast your vote; you vote your caste!

India has a well established reputation for violating social scientific generalization!!

Mountain rivers are like daughters,you never know how quickly they grow up!!

Granville austin's book on indian costitution talkes about the making of indian constitution as biggest political venture after 1787.

John mill and ambedkar talkes about bhakti in our indian way of life which can be dengerous in politics and other fields.

Indian newborn learn the geography of their country through the history of murder.

Montesquieu:-its almost a general rule that wherever manners are gentle, there is commerce;and wherever there is commerce, manners are gentle!!
About bombay n delhi women degnity!!

One of the most imp lesson we can learn from the history is that sometime history can teach u a wrong lesson.

About god-laplace:I have no need of that hypothesis!!

U can be mad as a mad dog or can curse the god for the fate,but when it comes to the end you have to let it go!!

U never know what is coming for you!!

India is not hindu pakistan!!

If america is a melting pot,then india is a thali, a selection of sumptuous dishes in different bowls.

Boldness in business is the first,second and third thing.

Most members of parliament see the constitution for the first time when they take an oath on it!

Shakespeare and kalidas were both great poets and dramatists....but india could not produce a shakespeare nor similarly england a kalidas. Every country has its own character.

About rani laxmi bai from person who defeated her:Here lay the woman who is the only man in this battle!

I think,therefore i exist!!

Agar fardos ba rue zamin ast!
Hamin ast a hamin ast a hamin ast!!

Honour ur god,love ur woman,defend ur country!

Its so simple to b happy but its too difficult to b simple!

Herodotus:A nation’s history has three stages: success; then as a consequence of success, arrogance and injustice; and then as a consequence of these, downfall. 

  Voltaire About the politicians :They have discovered in their fine polities the art of causing those to die of hunger who, cultivating the earth , give the means of life to others. 

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