January 12, 2014

What's got into the people of india, are they not able to digest the truth? Why everybody is apposing this change? Why everybody is negative about this change? Why everybody is talking about what's going to be the future(James Cameron fans??), what AAP will became in, but not what AAP is doing in the present? Why now the good deeds of modi coming into the picture which were absent during the last MLA elections?

AAP is good or bad but its making and catalysing changes in indian politics and most of the changes are pro people. For example the newly chosen CM of Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje recently announced the measures which are more or less same as AAP's declarations. In them, no red light on public servants vehicles ; no gun men to ministers and simplicity for public servants are few. In Maharashtra the cutting down of electricity bills is the new buzz, which can be seen as an effect of AAP's decisions in New Delhi. Also, all the good governance example of modi(may be they existed before but was unnoticed) are coming out as a reply to the AAP's initiatives.

The history teaches us that people will appose the drastic changes. But the true social changers like Buddha,Gandhi and Nelson Mandela will stay on their path and the history will remember them but the losers who always hates the change.

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